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Why You Should Try a Canadian Coffee Subscription

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Are you tired of drinking the same old coffee every morning? Do you want to explore new flavors and support local businesses at the same time? Look no further than a Canadian coffee subscription. With a coffee box delivered right to your doorstep, you can experience the best of Canadian coffee without ever leaving your home. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try.

Support Local Businesses

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By subscribing to a Canadian coffee box, you are directly supporting local coffee roasters and businesses. These small businesses often have unique and high-quality coffee blends that you won't find in your typical grocery store. By supporting them, you are helping to keep the Canadian coffee industry thriving and promoting sustainability in the community.

Discover New Flavors

One of the best things about a coffee subscription is the opportunity to try new flavors and blends. With each box, you will receive a variety of coffee beans from different roasters across Canada. This allows you to expand your palate and discover new favorites. You may even find a new go-to coffee that you never would have tried otherwise.


With a coffee subscription, you no longer have to worry about running out of coffee or making a trip to the store. Your coffee box will be delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis, ensuring that you always have a fresh supply of coffee. This is especially convenient for those who live in remote areas or have busy schedules.


A coffee subscription may seem like an added expense, but in the long run, it can actually save you money. By purchasing a subscription, you are committing to a set amount of coffee each month, which can help you budget and avoid overspending on coffee. Additionally, many coffee subscriptions offer discounts and promotions for their subscribers, making it a cost-effective option for coffee lovers.

Customize Your Subscription

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Many Canadian coffee subscriptions allow you to customize your box based on your preferences. You can choose between whole bean or ground coffee, select your preferred roast level, and even specify if you have any dietary restrictions. This ensures that you receive coffee that you will truly enjoy and eliminates the risk of receiving a blend that you don't like.

Try Different Brewing Methods

In addition to trying new flavors, a coffee subscription also allows you to experiment with different brewing methods. Each box may come with a different type of coffee, such as single-origin or specialty blends, which may require a different brewing method. This gives you the opportunity to expand your coffee knowledge and find the perfect brewing method for each type of coffee.

In conclusion, a Canadian coffee subscription offers a convenient, cost-effective, and exciting way to explore the world of Canadian coffee. With the support of local businesses and the opportunity to discover new flavors and brewing methods, it's a must-try for any coffee lover. So why not give it a try and elevate your morning coffee routine?

Which Coffee Subscription Should You Choose?

Well, we might be a little biased here, but we think the obvious choice is SipScribe! Why? Well to start, a SipScribe coffee subscription gives you the opportunity to try so many single origin coffees from all over the world; and unlike other coffee subscriptions, we don't sell our coffee in stores. Our coffee is roasted in small batches and shipped fresh, directly to you. What else sets us apart? With your SipScribe coffee subscription, you're not merely receiving a bag of coffee. We incorporate something unique with each delivery, so you have more than just the coffee to look forward to. SipScribe focuses on delivering an exceptional experience in every box.

Oh, and in case you need more convincing, you can pause, skip, or cancel your subscription anytime without having to worry about added fees. So what do you have to lose? Try out a SipScribe coffee subscription today, you'll be glad you SipScribed ;)