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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently deliver a vibrant experience, just as fresh and flavorful as the coffee we serve.

our story

The SipScribe story began in a local coffee shop (of course!) where two friends hatched a plan to revolutionize the way Canadians get their coffee. What started as an idea to offer coffee from different roasters across the country, gradually changed to an in-house model, where SipScribe began sourcing specialty coffee beans from around the globe and roasting them in our own facility to offer consistent quality and pricing.

But that was just the beginning! While providing delicious coffee from every country in the Global Coffee Belt was a great first step, we also wanted to connect our SipScribers to the people and places that produce them. We accomplish this by providingĀ origin cards with each shipment, so you can see and read about your coffee as you drink it! AndĀ even though that combination madeĀ for a great coffee subscription, we took it one step further - we wouldn't be the best if we didn't! So, in addition to new, flavourful coffee and origin cards, each shipment also includes a special gift just for you!

More recently, we have created a gift option which allows you to purchase a prepaid coffee subscription so someone you love can also enjoy fantastic coffee flavours from around the world. You can see this new option on our "Give a Gift" page.

And there you have it! A one-of-a-kind, tailor-made coffee subscription, offered at a pocket-friendly rate, delivered right to your doorstep - behold the coffee revolution!

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